What does dog training mean to different people?  Some people will join a club and take a course lasting several weeks.  Other people have had a dog previously so are quite happy to train their own dog.

Training dogs can be interpreted in so many different ways and can confuse the owner.  Taking the dog to a local club and walking the dog in a repeated routine may not be the answer.

Dogs need to be motivated just like human beings.  In order to train dogs responsibly you need the best practical advice from experts that is sound and proven.

Do we need to train dogs? this would seem obvious, however some owners are not interested or see it as a priority . This sometimes leads to few problems .

Training a dog is like bringing up a child.  The dog has strong instincts which need to be controlled using a method that can develop trust between you and your dog.

Let the experts speak for themselves Try this simple course to follow NOW:



Teaching a dog to sit or follow you is not the modern way of training a dog.  The new method of behavioural science changes how we communicate and teach our dogs.


This builds trust, respect and love not like the old methods of pain, fear and intimidation.


Never more in recent times have we made giant leaps with our long relationship with dogs.


Recent studies have made us aware and given us a greater understanding of our relationship with dogs.


There is still a mistrust of positive training and people are unaware or unwilling to accept this new method. If you have never given it a try Visit The Online Trainer and see for yourself.

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